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Brammer's 'quick tips' video guide to VSDs
» Title: Brammer's 'quick tips' video guide to VSDs
» Date: February 13, 2012

Brammer, the pan-European distributor of industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products and services, has launched a new ‘Quick Tips’ Video about the energy-saving benefits of Variable Speed Drives (VSD).

It’s the latest in Brammer’s ‘Quick Tips’ Video series; short, sharp visual aids presented by product group specialists and industry experts, to explain key issues and suggest practical advice for customers.
The video demonstrates a centrifugal fan application and shows how Variable Speed Drives can significantly reduce power usage (and cost) compared with traditional mechanical means of flow control.
Jeremy Salisbury, Head of Marketing at Brammer UK, explained: ““In industry, 60 per cent of the total energy used is consumed by electric motors. Fans and pumps are two common applications where a Variable Speed Drive may be more cost-efficient, as 100 per cent output is not usually required by the process for 100 per cent of the time. Where fans are driven by a fixed speed motor, airflow is often regulated by dampers which restrict the flow, but the motor keeps running at the same speed – wasting energy and money.
Brammer’s Variable Speed Drives Quick Tips video is now available online at www.brammertips.com.
Brammer is renowned across Europe for its comprehensive product portfolio, MRO expertise and range of value-added support services to help customers reduce their total acquisition costs, improve production efficiency and reduce working capital.
The ‘Quick Tips’ video series offers concise, invaluable insight into everyday industry topics that customers can apply to their own business scenarios. Each video is tailored to connect with the local audience on a relevant subject. In 2012 customers can look forward to impactful videos on applications for lubricants, belts, motors and gearboxes, tools and general maintenance.
Further information on the range of products and services available from Brammer can be found at the website www.brammer.biz or by calling calling 08447 36 36 65 in the UK or 0181 77 6141 in Ireland.